In development

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Working a dead-end job, Sam's day is so dull, however today he has a goal, an all expenses trip to Hawaii! Can he can finish his work, and get that golden ticket? Ben Cawley stars as Sam


Silver Lining

Developing a film by Bob Eckard, 'With only hours before a meteorite impacts earth to create a worldwide extinction event, good Samaritan Lara experiences her own bittersweet moment among the chaos.'

Casting is underway, and we have started to secure crew.


Afraid to Fly

An animation screenplay I have been working on for over a year now. Alex was born with a very rare condition, is family are ashamed by it, his friends adore it and all Alex wants to know is why?


Last Moves

Friends for ever, a chess move every day, but when everything changes... who takes the next turn. A bittersweet drama.